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Open Studio

Studio Hours

Studio Hours:
Friday - Sunday  open studio, 8:30-4:00
Monday - 8:30 - 1:00
Tuesday  - open studio 4:00-8:00
Thursday  - open studio 4:00-8:00

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Volunteers Needed

Come and join the fun! Volunteers are needed for:

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Holiday Party

Date: December 16, 2016
Time: Cocktails are served at 5:00pm (wine and beer only)
Dinner is served at 6:00PM 

Location: Clubhouse Six
Price: $30:00 per member, $35:00 per guest

Entertainment: Tom Horrvath-TheYoung Man of Broadway


Krab on Endive, Feta Cranberry Pinwheels and Herb Goat Cheese on Cucumbersputtin on the glitz

Choice of Entrees
Prime Rib with baked potato and vegetables, or, Salmon with rice and vegetables

A Vegetarian dinner will be served upon request 

Dessert: Ice cream with chocolate and coffee

Payment is made in advance either at the studio or can be mailed to Lynda Borges at 531 P Via Estrada , Laguna Woods, CA , 92637  

Please make sure you state number of guests and your food preference with your remittance 


Number of guests:

food preference(s):


So let’s Dress Up and have a REALLY GOOD TIME !!!

See you all at the 2016 Holiday Party

“Puttin’ On the Glitz”

Important Reminder – Bisqueware Removal / August Cleanup

Bisque Ware / August Cleanup

Potters and Sculptors Club member Robert Brodie asked that we post a reminder that Sabine needs to empty the bisque shelves. There are only 5 weeks remaining in summer term and glaze firing requires that we have all our glazed pieces ready to load in the kiln within the next 2 weeks, else no guarantee they will be completed on time.

Also, our annual August studio clean-up will toss any left over bisque ware remaining on the shelves.  So please remove your pieces now, either to glaze for firing, or take home for glazing during the fall semester.

Art Reception 7/16/2016

Mark your Calendars:   July 16th….
One of our own Potters and Sculptors is having a Reception in the CH4 Art Gallery on Saturday, July 16th from 1 to 3 in the afternoon.  She is the Art Association’s 50th Anniversary ‘Featured Artist’ and she would love for her Potters and Sculptors friends to come and enjoy a glass of wine, some nibbles, the air conditioning and camaraderie of some nice Village folks and fellow artists.


Second Thursday Classes

Join us from 5 pm to 6 pm for our second Thursday classes.  From learning new techniques to meeting new friends, drop on by and have some fun.

Artist Spotlight

Featured Artist: Jae Ryuwp

Featured Artist: Jae Ryuwp

This very talented man was born in Korea and was raised in South Korea.  Lacking the money for college, Jae took a job with a publishing company and worked for a daily newspaper in Seoul as an Illustrator.  Jae moved to the United States in 1978 and in 1981 opened ...
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