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New books added recently to our Library: "Simple Pottery" by Sara Pearch and Geraldine Christy and "New Ceramic Surface Design" by Molly Hatch. I have purchased it for our Club after reading good reviews and seeing the colorful layout with spiral binding.

Books may be borrowed by members for two weeks except for those labeled DNR which may be read in the studio only. Remember to ask a Supervisor to open the shelves for you. We also have new Ceramics Monthly, Pottery Making Illustrated, Clay Times, Sculpture, and Sculpture Review. They are filed newest on top in the fat binders. The library is a valuable resource for potters of all abilities.

2016 Board of Directors

Debb Denbow
1st Vice President  
Lynda Borges
2nd Vice President  
Vivian Basing
Recording Secretary 
Susan Gaile-Bain
Corresponding Secretary  
Rosemary Schalek
Marilyn de Leo Pollock
Asst. Treasurer  
Heather Hayes
Equipment & Purchasing
Susan Gaile-Bain

 1 Year 
Past President 
John Doyle
Sandy Davis
Karen Jaker Napack
2 Years  
James Abbott
Jackie Thompson

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